Gavin James - Live In Whealns (7" CD)

Gavin James - Live In Whealns (7" CD)

  • €9.99

Artist: Gavin James
Product title: Live In Whealns EP
Format: CD
Exclusivity: Ireland

Please Note: This is a limited version of  Live In Whealns EP that comes in a 7" style package with a postcard set.

Due to the nature of this product this is non refundable.

Track List

1. For You (Live)
2. Nervous (Live)
3. I Don’t Know Why (Live)
4. Coming Home (Live)
5. Till the Sun Comes Up (Live)
6. Hole In My Heart (Live)
7. 22 (Live)
8. Great Escape (Live)
9. Ghost (Live)
10. Say Hello (Live)
11. Two Hearts (Live)
12. The Book of Love (Live)